Being a spontaneous and no planning traveler makes me avoid airports and travel by land. For me there's no better feeling than crossing border by border while spending quality time in the countryside and nature instead of the big cities. During my last trip I spent nine months in South East Asia and since cars are not a very common thing there, the way I found for doing my trip was doing like the Asians do and becoming a motorbike rider.

The first step was learning how to drive a motorbike, the second how to balance in the motorbike with all my stuff, the third (the best and most challenging one) was learning how to drive with one hand so I would have the other free for playing with all the amazing local people that came in the road to interact with me, being giving a high five, an energetic wave, making a memory, or simply a warm smile.

South East Asia has definitely the biggest motorbike culture I've ever seen. Instead of cars, families rather share their own motorbike for transportation and possible difficulties such as bumpy roads and heavy weights doesn't seem to be a problem at any time for this population considered in my opinion the best riders in history.

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